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Fall 2013: On My Radar

Whenever everyone else I know starts gushing about college football season, my heart also starts beating a little faster. Yet not because of football – obviously – it’s because fall TV is about to start up and we’re going to get some new shows! Here’s what’s on my radar so far, and why.

Credit: ABC/Bob D'Amico

Credit: ABC/Bob D’Amico

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

on ABC (September 24 at 8 PM). I know, duh, everyone is excited for it. But for good reason. As a Whedonite, I’m super excited to see Joss’s work back on TV. Although Jed and Maurissa are going to be more hands-on than Joss, I think the overall combination of their brilliance is going to make for a wonderful show. I love the idea of having an action packed mini-movie unfold every week. The trailer for it looked more like a movie than a TV show. The mystery of how #CoulsonLives is really enough to make most people tune in for a while, and I think what unfolds week to week will be enough to make people stay. Although this is going to be aired against ratings giant NCIS, I think SHIELD will be fine because NCIS skews to an older audience. Personally, I am not a fan of NCIS, so it’s not a problem for me.

The Blacklist

on NBC (September 23 at 10 PM). This sounds like a grittier version of White Collar. While a copycat-ish show is usually enough to make me not want to watch it when I’m a fan of the one still airing, sometimes it’s different enough to make you want to watch. First, James Spader seems like he’ll be more of a commanding, instead of charming, presence, as compared to Matt Bomer’s Neal Caffrey on White Collar. Additionally, the premise of giving up people he’s worked with is far different from how Neal works. Neal usually relies on his friends from the past and helps protect them, but Red is going to cross everyone that he’s worked with before. That could make for some interesting storylines. I saw some speculation that the FBI agent he requested to work with that he has no apparent ties to is going to be his daughter. I think that would be kind of lame, but we’ll see how it plays out.

The Crazy Ones

on CBS (September 26 at 9 PM). If SMG is in it, I’ll check it out. I’m interested to see what she’s going to be like in a comedic role. She was great with the quips and snarks in Buffy, so we’ll see. I’m curious about how Robin Williams is going to work on a TV show and as SMG’s father. He always kind of weirds me out, so if he can keep the creep factor at a minimum, then this should be pretty good. Two well known actors in a show will probably have people tuning in at least a few times to see what this is like. If they can start off on a good note and keep momentum going, this one should last.


on FOX (November 8 at 9:30 PM). This looks absolutely ridiculous and I can’t believe myself – but the trailer cracks me up every time I watch it. Obviously, it’s not remotely realistic. If these were the people defending our country, America would be in serious trouble. However, Geoff Stults has a great screen presence, and the creator, Kevin Biegel, was co-creator of Cougar Town. This type of humor works for me. It’s one of those shows that will require quite a bit of forgiveness and suspension of reality, but I think it will be pretty entertaining. Starting it out on Friday is like starting with a death knell, but I’m wondering if FOX is going to use it to replace something else that might get cancelled early on, considering Enlisted’s late premiere date. Or it could get moved to midseason.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

on ABC (October 10 at 8 PM). I really enjoy Once Upon a Time, although it often gets bogged down by too many characters and too many intersecting storylines (which is also what makes it interesting). I think that Wonderland will benefit from a shorter season, a new twist on a well known character, and an isolated setting. The trailer looked really interesting, and I feel a little more positive about this than most people. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens.

The Originals

on The CW (October 3 at 8 PM). Also very excited about this one. I think TVD has been of much greater quality than most would want to admit, except for certain aspects of this last season. The Original family has filled TVD with some very interesting characters, and I think it’s good to give them a showcase while allowing TVD to focus on its core cast. That said, I’m hoping that TVD doesn’t lose the spark that the Original family provided. We’ll see. Also, I absolutely hate the idea of Hayley getting knocked up in the backdoor pilot, but we’ll see how they handle it. That story diminishes my excitement for this show, but it would probably take a lot for me to stop watching it.


on The CW (October 17 at 9 PM). Ah yes, another CW show. But we all need some shows that are purely entertaining, even if they aren’t that artistically sophisticated. That said, this one will definitely be fun for the eyes, if only for the costumes. I think it looks like a period Gossip Girl, and I’m okay with that. I roll my eyes at the generic British accents, which feel exactly like those in Ever After even though it’s set in France, but I guess we shouldn’t expect young actors on the CW to invest too much time with a diction coach.

Sleepy Hollow

on FOX (September 16 at 9 PM). This is either going to be a complete trainwreck or completely awesome. Either way, I’m on board – for a while, at least. I feel like this one is something that you can’t appreciate by description. If you haven’t already, watch the trailer.


See what I mean? If they can keep this from completely crossing the line between fanciful and completely ridiculous, this show could be really fun to watch.

Ground Floor

on TBS (November 14). I don’t know a whole lot about this except the following: workplace comedy starring Skylar Astin created by Bill Lawrence. Although I have a really hard time loving comedies, I have a massive crush on Skylar Astin and I would like to be able to feed that without watching Pitch Perfect once a week. Also, Bill Lawrence was the other co-creator of Cougar Town. While I didn’t faithfully watch Scrubs, I did think much of what I saw was, for the most part, consistently entertaining, so I feel like Bill’s humor will go far here. I’m anxious to see what it’s going to be like.

I think that it’s very unlikely that I’ll watch any show not on this list. I’ve heard that shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Trophy Wives are getting a lot of buzz, but I’m not really convinced yet. It would take some pretty great reviews to get me to watch them. I’m just not that into sitcoms, although I’ve gotten more turned onto them in the past couple of years. Still, I think the list above is a good balance of shows that are great art and shows that will be great entertainment!

  • erniebryant

    I’m extremely excited for Agents of SHIELD!!!!