• True Blood canceled

    True Blood’s True Death.

      HBO just made an announcement that is becoming the norm for hit shows: True Blood’s next season is its last. A 7 season run usually feels pretty solid for most shows. Some grow stale earlier and others can stay exciting long after, but 7 …

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  • 822x E1349119674247

    Back for More Revenge: Destiny

    I find that when episodes return for a sophomore season of a show that was super awesome for the first season, we watch with trepidation. Season one was new and exciting, but is this going to be Glee all over again? How will these characters …

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  • Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band

    When I heard someone say, “Isn’t Hugh Laurie coming to Lexington to play with his band?” I had the following reaction: 1. I forgot about his band. 2. I wonder if his band is any good. I’d only heard a clip of one song, and …

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  • Stacy DDD E1339012879542

    Drop Dead Diva: Welcome Back

    Super excited to have this show return. Yeah, it’s campy, but it’s a good amount of it and because the premise is silly, the show can’t take itself too seriously. Jane comes back from her 3-week Italian getaway to help the firm, which is in …

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  • USA Summer Roundup: Royal Pains and Necessary Roughness

    I must confess, I’m just as excited for summer TV as I am for fall TV now, and that’s all because of USA. I really love this network. I read somewhere that USA is just about gorgeous people doing really well at their jobs. As …

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  • Travis And Wes E1337145626477

    Common Law: First Look

      So, Common Law premiered last Friday and I need to get better at posting promptly. I know, I know. I’m a big fan of USA’s shows, the network, and the overall tone of each series. Most of the shows are rooted in the strength …

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  • NUP 148855 1015 Smash Previews Katharine McPhee Megan Hilty E1336751043286

    Get Smashed: Previews

    Smash is getting back on its feet. Rumors are that the season finale is as good as the pilot, and I’m glad. I think it bodes well for the next season, and I’m excited about the new showrunner. First off, loved the number featuring Karen …

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  • Key Art The La Complex E1335936370428

    The LA Complex – First Thoughts

    So, the US has seen two episodes of The LA Complex, which fits perfectly on the CW. I have to say, I love that the CW is doing something that is NOT focused on the journey from high school to college, or with old people …

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  • Nup 148431 0228 E1335936752518

    Get Smashed: Tech

    I realize that I skipped Publicity, which was one of my favorite episodes in a while, but I’m in the middle of finals, so what are you gonna do. (See what I did there?) But may I just say, Second Hand White Baby Grand was …

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  • 480926 269534359805063 101109956647505 574646 131195479 N

    Get Smashed: The Movie Star

      I know. I’m a week behind. I don’t want to talk about it. Except to say that I passed a kidney stone last Monday and I have my first final tomorrow. Other than that, I’m great. MOVING ON. Like Norma Jean. Rebecca Duvall. I …

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